MVLA’s success is directly attributable to our amazing coaches. These individuals not only have a love for the game, but they also have a passion for working with and developing youth players. Our coaches encourage our players to be their best, on the field, in the classroom and more. Many MVLA coaches have coached in various higher professional settings, from national teams, college teams including Stanford, and beyond. 

To learn more about our coaches, click on their photos below.


Adriano Toni

Afshin Shafie

Albertin Montoya

Alberto Montoya

Alejandro Sosa

Alex Garcia

Alex Mejia

Alexandre Gonzalez

Andrew Dauenhauer

Anthony Ruiz

Arthur Pompeu

Carlos Barboza

Carlos Menjivar

Chris LaPointe

Chris Salcido

Erin Montoya

Esteban Sosa

Evan Sanchez

Guillermo Talancon

Javier Barbosa

Jeff Panos

Jocelyn Mantz

Joe Cannon

Joel Rosales

Joey Sudyka

John Slegg

Keith Lambert

Ken Luis

Kevin Brodie

Kilee Quigley

Marcus Dorman

Michael Renwick

Noe Guzman

Osmin Quijano

Pedro M. Miguel

Richard Granados

Sarah Stanczyk

Scott Murray

Sennay Ghebresellasie

Seth Alberico

Si Chen

Simon Weiss

Stacie Valencia

Teresa Noyola

Thomas Woolley

Zlatan Sahmanovic