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The MVLA boys program is focused on the proven player development approach that has earned MVLA and its world-class players a strong reputation for their skill, teamwork and overall character at any age group.

  • 27 State Championships
  • 3 National Championships
  • 20+ Youth National Team Players

Boys Premier Leagues

The program today is guided by Technical Director Albertin Montoya and Executive Director Joe Cannon. Their first-hand experience as MVLA players has had an impact on their own lives that they in turn want to share with as many athletes as possible. The boys program includes leagues such as NorCal‘s National Premier League (NPL), NorCal Premier League, California Regional League and Cal North Soccer.

norcal premiere

Norcal Premier League

The primary focus of a successful soccer program will be the individual player and their families. With a primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs will be the development of children as people first and players second. Individual player development will be a clubs primary focus and team success a secondary but important goal. NPL believe the NorCal Premier Soccer League offers a league supporting the players, parents, coaches and clubs in this endeavor.

ecnl boys


The Boys ECNL is based on the values of grass-roots collaboration and innovation, and supports the independence and freedom of coaches and clubs to fully manage the development path for their players, including the system and style of play, the competitive calendar, and all aspects of the development path. The Boys ECNL will raise standards in training, competition, club organization, and coaching in a holistic development program.


Cal North Youth Soccer

The mission of the Cal North is to serve all children and our communities by providing opportunities that allow each child to grow, learn, mature and succeed by becoming productive adult members of society through the development, promotion, and offering, regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin and/or ability, comprehensive community based leagues that offer a complete range of youth soccer opportunities for all children of all ages and abilities.

Boys Teams News

Featured Alumni

Check out Albertin Montoya and Josh Pynadeth, who began their journey in the boys team at MVLA


Having been connected with Soccer since his childhood, Albertin has accomplished an assortment of achievements. Albertin began his soccer journey here at MVLA, and his passion has taken him from player to coach. From FIFA World Coach of the Year Nominee to US U17 World Cup Player, he now serves as Technical Director at MVLA.


Josh currently plays in Amsterdam for the Ajax Academy in the Netherlands. Josh found his passion for soccer here at MVLA, where he formed a bond with players and coaches alike. He has also played on the Real Madrid Youth Team, and continues to shine in the world of soccer today.


TeamTeam CoachNotes
02B Napoli BlueKeith LambertLooking for players
03B Fiorentina BlueJavier BarbozaLooking for players
04B River Plate BlueAdriano Toni
04B River Plate WhiteAdriano Toni
04B River Plate GreenJavier Barboza
05B Pumas BlueCarlos Menjivar Jr.
05B Pumas NavyCarlos Menjivar Jr.
05B Pumas WhiteJohn DeMartini
05B Pumas GreenChris LaPointe
06B Arsenal BlueIsaias Bardales
06B Arsenal WhiteEsteban Sosa
06B Arsenal GreenJavier Barboza
06B Arsenal BlackPedro Miguel
07B Boca Jr's BlueCarlos Menjivar Jr.
07B Boca Jr's NavyJoe Cannon
07B Boca Jr's WhiteAlex Mejia
07B Boca Jr's GreenKevin BrodieLooking for goalkeepers and players
07B Boca Jr's BlackTom HenshallLooking for players
08B Atletico BlueAlbertin Montoya
08B Atletico NavyMichael Renwick
08B Atletico WhiteScott Murray
08B Atletico GreenChris LaPointe
08B Atletico BlackEvan Sanchez
08B Atletico GoldEvan Sanchez
09B Bayern BlueIsaias Bardales
09B Bayern WhiteChris LaPointe
09B Bayern GreenEvan Sanchez
09B Bayern BlackTom Henshall
09B Bayern GoldEdgardo Cuellar-Franco
10B Atletico Nacional BlueAlex Mejia
10B Atletico Nacional WhiteAndrew Dauenhauer
10B Atletico Nacional GreenMarcus Dorman
10B Atletico Nacional BlackEvan Sanchez
10B Atletico Nacional GoldTom Henshall
10B Atletico Nacional SilverAnthony Ruiz
11B Corinthians BlueMichael Renwick
11B Corinthians WhiteMichael Renwick
11B Corinthians GreenMarcus Dorman
11B Corinthians BlackAndrew Dauenhauer
11B Corinthians GoldAlex Garcia
11B Corinthians SilverAlex Garcia
11B Corinthians RedAnthony Ruiz
12B ProgramAdriano Toni
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