Si Chen

14G City Gold Head Coach

Si was born in Sichuan, China and grew up playing soccer there. Si helped Sichuan University win the women’s soccer championship in the first Universiade.

From 1997 to 1999, Si was selected for the Chinese national women’s soccer youth team, and in 2000, she was selected for the Chinese women’s national soccer team in preparation for the Olympic Games.

Si played professional soccer for the Sichuan women’s soccer team in China. In 2001, she represented the Sichuan women’s soccer team in the women’s soccer event of the National Games where they won third place.

In training, Si likes watching her players continue to challenge themselves and become more confident. She passed the C level soccer coach license in China.

The coach of the national youth team, Gao Rongming, once encouraged Si to “believe in myself and be myself” when she was confused about soccer training. It was his help and encouragement that allowed her to improve – which she feels ultimately gave her the opportunity to be selected for the national team.

Si’s  favorite team is the Chinese women’s soccer team, and her favorite star is Messi.

Si’s biggest hobby is growing flowers and vegetables. She has two cats. Apart from teaching, she likes to travel with her family on the weekends.