Shelby Salvacion

12G PSG Green Head Coach
12G PSG Black Head Coach
13G Pride Black Head Coach

Shelby grew up in San Jose and played for MVLA! Shelby played collegiate soccer for Sacramento State.

Shelby played for the Filipino Women’s National Team. Her favorite soccer memory is playing in Bangladesh at the South East Asia Games in front of thousands of people and being out on the field singing the Filipino National Anthem. She felt proud to be able to represent her country and play in front of her family.

Her favorite part of coaching is being able to make a connection with her players. Shelby not only enjoys coaching but she enjoys helping them grow as young, strong individuals who positively contribute to their communities.

Shelby says MVLA’s Technical Director Albertin Montoya (who was her MVLA coach) used to inspire her and her teammates at games. Even when they were losing he would still be positive  during his half-time talks and push them to do their best. She says it was always nice to come off the field and hear what he had to say and how she could improve her game.

Growing up and playing for MVLA was one of the most fun times of Shelby’s life. From practices, traveling for tournaments, and team sleepovers, she will never forget the friends and memories she made. MVLA is not only a soccer club but a family. She made life-long friends and MVLA contributed to why Shelby wanted to coach and give back to the community.