Seth Alberico

05G United ECNL Head Coach
05G United White Head Coach
06G Roma ECNL Head Coach
12G PSG Navy Head Coach
15G Program Coach

Seth grew up in San Mateo and played for several club teams, including MVLA, Palo Alto, San Jose Central, and the Almaden Blackhawks. Seth started his collegiate soccer career at De Anza College (where they were state champs while he was on the team) and then played for Saint Mary’s College in Moraga.

Seth’s favorite soccer memory is seeing so many of his players be successful, in both soccer and life. Seth has placed 100+ college players, and he has multiple former players playing pro soccer now.

Seth has coached for MVLA for his entire coaching career. As an MVLA coach he has been a regional champion two times, a State Cup champion two times and a Surf Cup champion twice. 

His favorite part about coaching is seeing players “get it,” seeing that light go on and realizing they are all special. Seth LOVES coaching!

Seth has always admired MVLA’s Technical Director Albertin Montoya and everything he has created at MVLA. Seth only plays soccer now when he’s not coaching. He has his USSF coaching license D.

Seth’s favorite team is Manchester United, and Ryan Giggs is his favorite player.