Ricky Character

09G ECNL Gunners Head Coach
09G White Gunners Head Coach

Ricky grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He played club soccer for Fury 89, and played collegiate soccer at Santa Clara University. Ricky attended a U18 U.S. National Team Camp in his youth.

Ricky’s favorite soccer memory took place when his club team won their first tournament final when he was 10 years old. They had lost their previous eight championship games. When Ricky’s team finally won their first 1st place trophy, it was a feeling Ricky will never forget.

Ricky’s favorite part of coaching is seeing his players react when they know all of the hard work they put in trying to perfect something worked out.

One of Ricky’s youth coaches, Rogerio Lima, who was from Brazil, used to play professionally. He taught Ricky many things but the lesson that sticks out the most took place after a game against their biggest rival. Ricky’s team lost and Ricky cried after the game (he used to cry after every game they lost). Ricky’s coach pulled Ricky aside and asked why he was crying. Ricky: “Because I hate losing.” Coach: “Did you do everything you could to win, did you leave everything out on the field?” Ricky: “Yes, always.” Coach: “Then you have nothing to cry about Ricky. You did everything you could out on the field to win. The people who should be crying are the ones who know they could have done more, who know they could have run harder, who know they could have worked harder to win the ball back or stop that goal. Those are people who should cry because they didn’t do everything they know they could possibly do to win. For you, there is no need to cry. Just take from this game what you need to work on to become the best player you can be so that you don’t feel like this after the next game.” That was the last loss Ricky ever cried after as he knew that he did everything he could to give his team the best opportunity to win, it just wasn’t enough that day.

Ricky’s favorite team is Arsenal Gunners and Messi is his favorite player. Ricky has his USSF E, D and C Licenses.

Ricky loves being active and on his feet. He loves to work out and he goes to the gym every day. Besides coaching soccer, Ricky has three other jobs: he is a PE teacher, he’s a personal trainer, and he is a Group Fitness Class Instructor for F45.