Develop PASSION for the game of soccer by focusing on technical skills

The focus is on dribbling skills and technical aspects of the game. We want players to take defenders on 1v1, but our core goal for these age groups is to develop a passion and love for the game.

Fine tune all aspects of a player’s technique and help them build CONFIDENCE on the ball

The objective on all aspects of the technical side including developing proper technique in shooting, passing, receiving the ball, as well as continuing to take players on 1v1. Players build confidence on the ball and a basic understanding of tactical awareness.

Expand a player’s technical abilities to focus on TEAMWORK

The goal is to work on the tactical parts of a player’s game and perfect decisions about when to pass, dribble, shoot, keep the ball, or take players on. With each player having proper technical abilities, this stage focuses on teamwork to promote the team’s goals.

Demand a commitment to EXCELLENCE combining individual and team expertise

The stage incorporates mental and physical training to complement the all around players. MVLA teams at this age play a free flowing game where we attack and defend as a team. While on the field, the individual player now has the ability to identify the crucial moments to impact the game. This final stage demands a commitment to excellence on a consistent basis with a majority of our players specializing in the game of soccer.

College and Beyond

Our development program has a proven curriculum that can lead our players to soccer careers in college, in professional leagues, or on national teams.