Pedro Miguel

11G Madrid Gold Head Coach

Pedro grew up in Valladolid, Spain. Pedro played futsal for two local clubs: CD San Carlos and CD BO2, and soccer for Doblete and La Rana. Pedro’s favorite soccer memories are the times with his father (and sometimes his brother) as a kid on their drives to practices and games.

Pedro loves sharing his passion about the game with players, and feels great when his players perform what they have learned in practices. And he likes MVLA’s philosophy, with player development being the main objective.

Pedro was once inspired by a coach back in Spain, when he was coaching futsal with Nacho Gutierrez (Guti), who is very strong about player development. In one game, one of their  “weakest” U8B players got awarded a penalty, and that player asked the strongest player to kick it. Guti didn’t allow that and asked the other player to take it himself, even when the game was balanced. That player kicked it, and scored, and was so happy!

Pedro’s coaching licenses include the USSF C License, the Curso Profesional de Analista Tactico en Futbol – Real Federacion Andaluza de Futbol (Candidate, Expected July 2021, Spain) and the Design and Methodology of Set Pieces (123 Coach Academy, Spain).

Pedro says his favorite soccer team is Real Madrid, of course, and that his favorite player is Luka Modric (assuming Messi doesn’t count as human). Pedro loves coaching his daughter’s soccer team.