Mykell Bates

Mykell grew up in Roseville, CA. Mykell played for the U17 and U20 U.S. Men’s National teams, and lists competing in the U17 World Cup qualifiers in Jamaica and playing in the U17 World Cup in South Korea as his favorite soccer memories. 

Mykell played collegiate soccer at Santa Clara University and is now the Assistant Coach for the Santa Clara men’s soccer team. Mykell played professionally for the Toronto FC MLS team.

One of Mykell’s favorite parts about coaching is having a part in (and getting to witness) player growth, both on and off the field. The other piece he enjoys is the competition side of the game, the coach way. Mykell feels competing as a coach is similar to chess, as a coach is constantly analyzing the obvious and even the small nuances. Mykell says it can be hard and stressful at times but when it’s done right, the feeling is unmatched.

Mykell credits a conversation he once had with MVLA’s Technical Director Albertin Montoya for helping bring clarity to his own coaching goals. Albertin told him that the growth you see in your team from your guidance is the true feeling of success. Since Mykell has taken on that mindset, he says that seeing the growth of his players and team not only feels like success, it brings a feeling inside of happiness! 

Mykell’s favorite player is Michael Essien. Mykell loves spending quality time with loved ones (when time permits), seeing/hanging with his dogs, and watching basketball.