Michael Renwick

MVLA Boys Technical Director
08B Atletico Navy Head Coach
11B Corinthians Blue Head Coach
15B Program Coach

Michael grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and played soccer with Hutchison Vale Boys Club. Michael then went on to continue his professional soccer career at Hibernian Football Club in Edinburgh. Michael lists making his first team debut at age 17 for Hibernian Football Club as his favorite soccer memory as a player.

Michael’s favorite part of coaching is working on specific themes during the week and then seeing the players execute these topics whilst displaying their individual soccer skills during games at the weekends. Working at MVLA provides Michael with daily challenges that constantly allow him to develop his knowledge of club soccer and coaching, all under the guidance, and support network, of our Technical Director Albertin Montoya.

As a schoolboy Michael would train weekly with Dundee Football Club. The first team manager at the time, Gordon Wallace, would attend all weekly youth team practices regardless of the weather conditions. To Michael this demonstrated his coach’s work ethic, attention to detail and the importance of succession planning, all which have stayed with Michael throughout his playing and coaching career.

Michael’s favorite soccer team is Celtic Football Club. He misses his parents and his Scottish delicacies of haggis and blood sausage (although a family on one of his teams tries to find him supplies). If he’s not on the coaching field you will find Michael in the swimming pool working out, or at the golf course!