Javier Barboza

05B Pumas White Head Coach
07B Boca Jr’s Green Head Coach

Javier grew up in Lima, Peru. He played club soccer and later semi-pro soccer for Aurich Club’s 2nd division. Javier’s favorite soccer memories are being together with his best friends, battling for the same cause on the field.

Javier’s father was the first coach who inspired him. Javier’s dad was a physician with a very busy practice, but he always took the time to teach Javier.

Javier has coached in a variety of places and situations, including in Peru in the inter-barrios soccer league. Javier has also coached futsal, high school soccer, and hockey. Javier is a 10-year MVLA coach and has a USSF F license, E license and E/D license.

Javier’s favorite parts of coaching include engaging with children in the sport that he loves and respects, and seeing them grow as soccer players and into healthy adults. Javier believes the lessons you learn by playing soccer prepare you for life, as soccer helps players learn how to win and to lose gracefully. One of his coaches always told him, the day that you know how to lose, you are going to become a winner.

Universitario de Deportes is Javier’s favorite soccer team. Javi is his current nickname. When he played soccer, Javier’s nickname was “the rat” because he was small and very quick.

Javier loves fishing, hockey, and futsal as secondary sports. He also loves to bike and to be outdoors, enjoying sunny and warm days.