MVLA plays games on turf and grass fields in Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Sunnyvale. A listing of our fields is available along with details about our commitment to maintaining good relations with our communities. Information for our managers concerning our field policies and combo codes can be found on the Manager’s Page.

Report Field/Equipment Issues

Use the Field and Equipment Submission form for reporting field, game equipment and practice equipment issues at MVLA permitted fields.

To find the status or resolution of your reported field and/or equipment issue, see the response sheet here sue, see sue, see sue, see 

Field Locations

Good Neighbor Policy

MVLA is committed to maintaining good relationships with the community – especially those neighbors most impacted by soccer games, practices and activities. Therefore, we require team officials to encourage players, parents, and others attending MVLA events to abide by the following good neighbor policies:

  • DON'T Speed
  • Please do not park illegally
  • No Loud Noises. Prior Approval is required to use Boom boxes or sound systems. At no time will unsportsmanlike language be tolerated.
  • Don't Use Tobacco! State law prohibits smoking on school grounds by anyone at any time.
  • Any ball kicked over a homeowner's fence should not be retrieved during a game or a practice. Players or parents may not climb fences. After a game or practice, a parent may request permission of the homeowner to retrieve a ball. If permission is denied or the homeowner does not respond at the front door, the ball should not be retrieved. Do not trespass; it is neither neighborly nor legal.
  • Leave our fields cleaner than you found them. Use trash receptacles or take your trash home.
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