As one of the elite soccer clubs in California, MVLA is proud to offer some of the most competitive fees in the area. That combined with our Financial Aid program helps us deliver on our commitment to make competitive soccer accessible to our community.

We expect our members to make required club and team payments for players to be up to date and eligible. We are working hard to consolidate all fees into club fees over the next few seasons to simplify payments for our families.

Club fees mainly cover membership, coaching, technical development, referees, fields, etc… and varies for each team based on their competitive level and age group. Club fees cover these specific areas

Team fees generally cover tournaments, travel cost for coaches, etc… Team fees are usually paid by team managers and everyone on the team is required to reimburse them in a timely manner. Please keep in mind team managers are volunteers and they shouldn’t have to pay out of their pocket. Team fees often cover these specific areas 

Volunteer fee: MVLA is a volunteer based, non-profit entity. We rely on our parent volunteers to manage this organization of 49 coaches, 90+ teams, and 1350+ players. Every family is required to contribute 6 volunteer hours a season (per player). We understand the difficulties of contributing time for some families, so we offer a buy-out option.

For a small fee per season, you can fulfill this obligation of 6 hours per season per player. At the end of each season, people who contributed 6 hours will be reimbursed. All members will receive communication about volunteer opportunities and reimbursement instructions throughout the season. Please note that families who receive financial aid are not eligible to receive the volunteer fee back since their financial aid is already grossed up to cover this fee. Financial aid families must still meet the 6 hour/player/season to receive ongoing aid for future seasons. 

See Volunteer Program Update document for more information.