Erin Montoya

12G PSG Blue Head Coach
14G City Blue Head Coach

Erin grew up in Fremont and went to high school at Mission San Jose. Erin played club soccer for Fremont Youth Soccer Club and collegiate soccer at Santa Clara University. Erin later played professional soccer for the San Diego Spirit.

Erin played on the U19 U.S. youth national team. Erin’s favorite soccer memories are coaching ones. She has won three national championships with two different MVLA teams: once with Lightning (95G) and twice with Barcelona (ECNL 04G). 

As a coach Erin has won nine state championships, three regional championships, three national championships and has coached over 20 youth national team players. In addition to coaching with MVLA, Erin coached at Los Altos high school where they were CCS champions.

Erin loves to create a fun, competitive environment where kids grow up loving to come to practice. Erin’s favorite parts of coaching are connecting with the kids and seeing their progress each year. Erin credits Jerry Smith, her soccer coach at Santa Clara University, as being the coach who most inspired her. 

Erin’s favorite team is Barcelona and Messi is her favorite player. Erin loves coaching and spending time with husband Albertin (MVLA Technical Director) and their two kids, both of whom play for MVLA. Her highlight is getting to watch them grow up and play each day; they both love the game and their teammates. Erin also has two labs.