College Program Helpful Resources

The student-athlete must be the most proactive person in their recruiting process. Check out these sites for helpful information on college programs and the recruiting process:
  • Provides an overview of the NCAA division I, II, and III schools and their soccer programs. 



It is important to meet all Academic requirements in order to make yourself eligible to take part in college athletics. Each college also has a set of specific admission requirements as well. Check out these sites for helpful information on the steps to ensure academic eligibility:

  • CollegeBoard Geared to help students successfully connect to colleges and success. Specifically, you will receive important information regarding SAT preparation and register for the exam on this site.
  • Provides important information for the ACT exam and is the website you must access in order to register for the exam.
  • Complete and submit a free application for Federal Student Aid.
  • Provides information on various college scholarships to help pay for college.