Over the years, MVLA has impacted the lives of thousands of youth soccer players. MVLA is committed to developing strong, technically proficient soccer players who reach their potential both on and off the field. The caliber of athletes who have completed our program have earned MVLA national recognition, as our program has produced top players within the soccer community, including the likes of Abby Dahlkemper (US Women's National Team and 2019 FIFA World Cup Champion, UCLA), Teresa Noyola (Stanford, Herman Trophy Winner), and our very own Executive Director, Joe Cannon (MLS Player). We are proud of our development philosophy and curriculum, focusing upon individual skills and teamwork. Our program produces excellent soccer players, with many of MVLA’s alumni going on to continue their soccer journey at our nation's finest academic institutions, national teams and professional soccer leagues.

See below for a selection of our Alumni and their college placements representing over 65 colleges and universities. Also check out the latest on MVLA Alumni News by following us on Twitter. For info on where to watch current alumni play, go Here.


Pat Sheehy

Neal Stephens

Adam Zapala

Jaye Bossiere

Tegan McGrady

Teresa Noyola

Zoe Pacalin

Sarah Robinson

Lauren Schmidt

Lindsay Taylor


Steve Gardner

Kevin Shepela

Abby Dahlkemper

Yiana Dimitt

Gabrielle Matulich

Crystal Shaffie

Oliver De Visser


Paul Brum

Jeremy Buettner

Joe Cannon

Albertin Montoya

Adam Spencley

Tavin Tyler

Margueritte Aozasa

Lauren Crum

Megan Keeth

Jennifer Laponte

Stephanie Sorg

Kat Uhl

Sofia Jones


Chris Bright

Brent Warner

Danielle Brunache

Sandra Ley

Brooke Lisowski

Rachel Mercik

Melissa Wood


Kristina Garrido

Claudia Haeussler

Gabby Kaplan

Emily Mosbacher


Alissa Boddie

Lauren Brown

Sara Chehreshsa


Nicole Duller

Emily Langston

Jessica Lau

Sarah NeSmith


Mimi Akaogi

Fatmata Kamara

Hannah Reed


Jared Johnson

Julienne Pin


Kelsey Foo

Brittany Westrum

Caitlyn Wong




Connor Allison

Kayla Coleman

Jacob Gitin

Marilena McCarty


Geena Graumann

Rachel Wimmer

Lindsay Karle


Greg Amon

Scott Guellman

Brian Moore

Justin Pearce

Tiffany Grummow

Heather Rouhier

Seiji Sato

Greg Boeddeker

Georgina Stiegeler



Emma Caringello

Tayler Nichols

Kelly Park



Sarina Bolden

Gabriella Sanfilippo


Jason Deal

Brent Edwards

Mike Joyce

Kyle Kaveny

Jacob Kovacs

Ralph Robertson

Michael Squellati

Jacq Walker

Gal Haroush

Tierney McClenahan

Shea Murison

Natalie Hill



Rebecca Andrews

Amanda McFarland


Aaron Ho

Jennifer Espinoza


Alec Gronberg

Jamie Crowley

Sophie Lloyd


Scott Dawes

Darren de la Vruz

Andrew Huff

Michael Polhamus

Lee Sanders

Brandon Stolp

Daniel Ortiz

Sara Van Wagoner


Scott Ahlbrand

Justin Moses

Ivan Peraguine

Brandt Roberts

Mira Delgadillo


Brandon Callahan

Marcus King

Lucas Mohegeg


Jacob Valadez

Sophia Hyver



Malcolm Alugas

Daniel Boron

Daniel Dickson


McKenzie Plank

Brian Ratkovich



Tim Blackwell

Joe Capossele

Katie Foug

Raleigh Loughman


Erica Higa

Kelsey Andrews

Megan Lloyd

Mia Shenk

Additional College Placements - Girls

  • Stephanie Ho, New York University

  • Jade Keane, New York University

  • Kristina Neri, Saint Peters University

  • Sienna Stritter, Carnegie Melon

  • Chandler Wickers, Washington and Lee University

  • Dre Zuniga, Chapman University

  • Miranda Lopez, West Valley Jr. College

  • Kendra Stewart, NNU

  • Grace Descourouez – San Francisco State University

  • Karla Uribe, San Francisco State University

  • Spencer Jaye, University of Hawaii

  • Emma Wangsness, The Ohio State University

  • Regan Heslop, University of the Pacific

  • Melissa Ma, University of the Pacific

  • Michelle Maemone, Pepperdine University

  • Aerial Chavarin, Yale University

  • Lina Miller, Dominican University of California

  • Sarah Thompson, University of North Carolina

  • Hallie Keenan, Brigham Young

  • Paige Crowley, University of Notre Dame

  • Julia Goupil, MIT

  • Caroline Olivero, University of Chicago

  • Julia Lodoen, University of Chicago

  • Peyton Cassin, Oregon State University

  • Jenna Olsen, UNCG

  • Jennifer Randazzo, UC Irvine

  • Chivon Crump, University of Nevada

  • Georgia Kingman, University of Nevada

  • Katie Crum, Gonzaga

  • Katie Zdankus, Northeastern

  • Kelly Welch, University of Washington

  • Alex Reckas, University of Pittsburg

  • Shelby Salvacion, Sacramento State

  • Morgan Nichols, University of Vermont

  • Kaitlyn Anzalone, UC Riverside

  • Helen Butler, Virginia Tech

  • Nicole, Quilliam, Ponoma College

  • Kasey Cruz, Chico State University

  • Emily Koflanovich, Azusa Pacific University

  • Talia Missan, Bowdoin College

  • Monica Polgar, North Dakota State University

  • Meghan Scudero, San Diego State University

  • McKinly Yeager, Cal State Northridge

  • Natalie Brehaut – Gettysburg College

  • Audrey Carr – Miami University

  • Michelle Feinberg – University of San Francisco

  • Bethan Parry – University of San Francisco

  • Emily Pye – University of San Francisco

  • Karissa Hayes – University of San Diego

  • Lia Kilgore – California State University, Chico

  • Maddie Neidig – McNeese State University

  • Mira Nepomuceno – DePaul University

  • Brenda Uribe – Concordia University in Portland

  • Olivia Weeks – Oberlin College

  • Quinne Woolley – Whitman College

  • Sara Bermudez – Brown University

  • Emma Blackburn – Willamette University

  • Jordan Roue – Willamette University

  • Paris Fox – Rice University

  • Lindsey Heen – Chaminade University of Honolulu

  • Erin Kaprelian – Northwest Nazarene University

  • Elena Palacios – University of Hawaii at Manao

  • Emily Tomz – Pomona College

  • Whitney Wisnom – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Additional College Placements - Boys

  • Gustavo Arredendo-Cervates, DeAnza College

  • Joshua Okero, Cal State Stanislaus

  • Nicolas Wilson, University of Washington

  • Sean McDonald, University of the Redlands

  • Alec Mishra, Kenyon College

  • Dinesh Prasad, Jr., Feather River College

  • Jessie Rivas, Canada College

  • Martin Lopez, Ohlone College

  • Max Maciel, West Valley College

  • Miguel Murillo, Oregon State

  • Nate Shekita, Pitzer College

  • Peter Ambiel, Yale University

  • Philip Witham, Washington University in St. Louis

  • Nao Yanase – Washington University in St. Louis

  • Sean Calvert, Worcester, Polytechnic Institute

  • Tyler Officer, Brandeis University

  • Steve South, University of Portland

  • Matt Domingo, University of Portland

  • David Cooper, Westmont College

  • Justin Hungerford, Westmont College

  • Sep Wolfe, Westmont College

  • Joe Snyder, Seattle Pacific

  • Keith Ratzburg, University of San Francisco

  • Mike Forensich, Virginia

  • Jason Larrieu, Cabrillo College

  • Luis Gomez, Cabrillo College

  • Kyle Mercer, Washington State

  • Guido Hienus, Menlo College

  • Lincoln Westcott, Arizona State

  • Ryan Curtis – California State University, Sacramento

  • Tal Hit – York St John University, England

  • Ryan Sato – Willamette University

  • Isaiah Strong – Yavapai College

  • Kai Moos – Yale University

  • Hyago Galdino – Menlo College

  • Stefano Rupp – West Valley College

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